A lot of doctors do not have an idea how negative reviews can affect their business. When marketing of health services is considered, online reviews should be taken seriously. According to a research done by Neilsen, more consumers are now using the Internet to find a medical clinic for their specific health needs. These consumers trust what they read online as a gauge whether or not they would do business with you. One negative review can have a huge impact on your business; even if the feedback was given unfairly.

In fact, in another study done by Harvard, having a visible negative Doctor aruba review on your services can cost as much as 10% revenue lost. This is the reason why medical practitioners must seriously take online reputation management into consideration.

Manage Your Reputation Online

Marketing of health services must always include managing your online reputation. You can either do the job yourself or find someone to do it for you. You want to make sure that negative reviews are handled correctly and avoided as much as possible.

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Before you start responding to any negative concerns about your service, you want to evaluate if it is worth your time. There are cases, when the person sharing reviews that are completely untrue or the reviewer is plainly a constant complainer.

If you think the reviews are untrue and unfair, you can review the review site’s policy and ask the owner if it can be taken down. You can also request to delete any spam to be taken down. Most sites will not allow personal attacks, sharing private information, spamming, swearing and other unacceptable online behavior. If this is the case, you can simply ask the website to remove the review.

Any complaints about a negative experience should be taken seriously. Take accountability by asking the reviewer on how you can make the experience better or how you can provide a solution to their problem. You can also respond privately; you can send the reviewer a message introducing yourself and how you can find solutions to the negative experience.

How to Avoid Negative Reviews

As much as possible you want to avoid negative reviews. You can do this by managing your patients the right way. You want to let your patients know that they can leave any reviews about your service online. You can dedicate a page on your website for reviews done by your customers.

Encourage good reviews by regularly doing follow ups with your patients. You can send them follow up emails, postcard, or phone calls on how they can share an experience online. Letting your patients know that you are open to reviews, will make them feel that you are always taking responsibility of your practice.


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