Remember your road trips back on summer holidays or Christmas when you are travelling or on a road trip which involves children’s. To keep them engage we used to give them Pocket video games or some music device to listen but that just those days, if you are already a user you can skip this paragraph and if you’re not you might consider buying one, it’s not the only one reason but Reading apps for education and entertainment has lot of features are there to explore, recent studies stated that can be our next revolutionary teaching and learning device after the invention of PCs’. One of the great responsibilities of parents is to know and understand about their kids’ lateral interests, passion and likings which will help parents to provide them with smile on their faces, iTunes App store provides you with some iPhone and iPad apps for kids which create interest in a child to learn the things easily and in a quicker way. Here is some of the Best Kids learning applications from iTunes App store.

Ansel and Clair’s Adventures in Africa for iPad (4.99) Spectacular interactions & animations, quests, puzzles & games bring learning to life in 3 visually stunning, interactive locales – Nile Valley, Sahara Desert & Serengeti Plains. Completely supported by audio, the app offers hours of independent exploration and learning for both kids who have not yet learnt to read as well as for older kids who can read Original characters: Ansel, a friendly inter-galactic travel photographer from the planet Virtoos, and Clair, a brilliant Virtoosian robot, which makes it engaging gameplay.

School of Maths HD for iPad (0.99) School of Maths is all about learning Math’s by interacting with your iPad. The game is devised to keep your children motivated to learn and to improve their knowledge. There are characters which show responses to the inputs given by your kids. Instant feedback from Panda will make them understand their mistake or success to the questions answered, thus enhancing learning skills.

Peekaboo HD (Free) This easy-to-use Interactive gaming apps for kids was designed for your toddler to play and learn at the same time. The game contains visual, verbal, and auditory cues and can be setup as recreation from toddlers, as cue cards to learn animal names in Spanish or English, or with the written names displayed as a cue before the animal is revealed to nurture intrinsic visual reading skills in toddlers.

ZOOLA (2.99) While ZOOLA is a great teaching tool, it’s really all about the kids. They’ll love the animal family photos and the togetherness conveyed, as well as hearing the sounds that each animal makes. With a quick and easy tap to the speaker, kids will hear the name of the animal, so they can learn to identify it and know what to call it. All of the ‘togetherness’ photos include the added treat of classical music melodies playing in the background.

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