The recent report declared from the Pew Charitable Trust figures that, if the clean force portfolios are promoted tremendously, around 2.3 trillion USD investments in energy will takes place in the forthcoming decade. Australian energy sector will captivate roughly 35 billion USD as energy investment, from the total amount allocated in the G 20 summit. The clean energy plans established by the G-20 countries aimed to foster the clean power technology, contract the emission of greenhouse gases and to nurture the clean liveliness savings. According to the advance clean energy policies and renewable energy plans, the annual production of the renewable energy could surpass over 177 gigawatts by 2020 and the G-20 would add more than 1100 gigawatts, in the next decade. Recent discussion with the Australian government declared that, the latest clean energy portfolios could raise the clean energy investments by 325 percent approximately around four billion U.S dollars by 2020 and currently 2.5 billion U. S dollars are invested in this sector.

China and India are getting ready to harvest a lion’s share of the clean oomph investments allocated for the G-20 nations and they will divert these funds for fostering private renewable investment projects. The reports said that, the United States will compete to receive a sizable energy investment and it will adopt it for the fortifying their green Reliant Energy plans policies. The United States will use the energy reserves for developing the wind, biomass, solar, geothermal, marine and hydro energy projects and the country will attract more than 340 billion U.S dollars for the renewable energy projects over the next decade. The research reports declared by the scientist and eco- warriors suggested, the more clean energy investments will lead to global risks such as climatic change and the renewed clean energy plans are aiming to eliminate the emission of greenhouse gases.

Indian minister for Commerce and Industry Nirupam Sen asserted that, the government of West Bengal is in discussion with a couple of international players in the sustainable energy sector to establish renewable energy facilities at Panagarh. In the recently held Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Nirupam Sen avowed that, the West Bengal has more than 1500 acres of land in the Panagarh and around 500 acres from the 1500 is allocated for Matix Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited. The Matix Fertilizer & Chemical Limited is headed by Nishant Kanodia of Datamatics Group and has kicked off the construction phase in Panagarh. The company will obtain coal bed methane gas from the Raniganj and government of West Bengal is seeking for investors for the remaining land.

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