Branding is important to every small business. It’s what sets you apart from competitors and helps people remember your business name and products. There are numerous ways small business owners can brand their business, and one successful way is to invest in a vanity toll free number. This number uses a toll free prefix such as 800, 888, 866, or the recently added 855 followed by a word. An example of a vanity number would be 1-800-writeit, rather than the prefix being followed by a random order of digits.

Using this type of toll free number helps customers remember your contact information easily, meaning they may call you to order a product simply because they can remember the number. Online florists frequently use Easy phone numbers for business because it’s easier for consumers to remember the name of the florist than it is a long number. Plus, florists know they will get last minute floral orders simply because a person remembers the prefix plus the name.

Choosing a Vanity Toll Free Number

Up until recently, it was harder for small businesses to find vanity numbers that weren’t already taken. The cost of using one was also considerably high and not necessarily in the budget of a small or start-up business. Since some larger companies purchase names but don’t actually put them into use, some businesses were finding the lack of availability frustrating. The FCC recently released a new prefix, 855, that makes finding a number easier for small businesses, since most well-known companies already have the monopoly on using 800 and 888 prefixes.

With the new prefix, small businesses can use a vanity name that was previously unavailable. The release of a new prefix opens up millions of choices for small businesses and lets them match a number to their business name, domain name, or branding strategy. When choosing a vanity number, make sure that it represents your company and is easy to remember. It will need to be seven letters and should represent the product or service you offer.

How This Type of Number Helps Your Business

A vanity toll free number instantly gives your business brand recognition and gives off the impression of a reputable company. If your business is still small, a specialized number will also give consumers the impression of a larger business that can handle a large call volume. If your business is strictly e-commerce, a number like this will let customers know that you’re a reputable company that isn’t afraid of personal contact or dealing with the public over the phone. Many ecommerce businesses prefer to stick with email and automated response communications with customers, so a vanity number can increase your client base and sales.

The brand recognition you earn by using a vanity toll free number can bring you desirable results if you ever sell your business. The recognition will increase the overall worth of the business, meaning you can earn a good profit from a sale.


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