A very important part of learning the violin correctly deals with mastering the fundamentals of posture. Before you dig deep into further buy violin online lessons on the violin, it is very important to begin each practice session with a few things in mind. Over time posture will just come naturally but until then it will take some effort to remember these lessons each time you play to ensure your greatest potential on the violin. Below we will cover a few of the most important points when it comes to posture as a beginner violin student.

Holding the Violin Correctly

The biggest points with holding the violin correctly are making sure your wrist is straight, thumb stays still in the right spot and your fingers stay up on the tips. It is very easy to forget anyone of these points during a practice session while you are focusing on other things. I would suggest keeping a note by your music on these lessons so that you are reminded often during your practice session. Over time you won’t need this but as a beginner it would help to be reminded of these things.

Holding the Bow Correctly

It is very important to hold your violin bow correctly. This is a huge part of posture that many beginners have trouble with at first. The most important points with holding the bow correctly are having the pinky at the button, fingers relaxed on the stick, and thumb curved in the groove.

Having Proper Violin Position

Some people prefer learning the violin sitting down over standing up. This is fine as long as you follow the proper fundamentals of violin position. You always want to keep the violin parallel to the ground by holding the instrument up with your chin and shoulder. It is more comfortable to slouch the violin down by holding it up with your hand but this is an extremely bad habit to get into. If you are sitting down I highly recommend that you sit up in your chair with your back totally straight.

Michael Sanchez has been teaching the violin for over 10 years and has created a website on exactly how to learn the violin from beginning to end. His videos contain content that relate to every age and ability level.

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