Every town and city across the country has a budget for road work, with the flailing economy those budgets have shrunk somewhat but still they are there with money to spend on the worst of the roads. We live in a town where it snows six months out of the year so our roads get pretty beat up. Ever spring the road repair trucks start patching up the sink holes, the cracks, and always a new water pipe somewhere. These are the repairs that seem to take the longest. I find it fascinating to watch the work progress. Some projects, as I mentioned, seem to take forever. The street that has been under construction for at least part of every year for the past 20 years seems to be the never-ending project. I am always happy when I see the valve boxes line up on the side of the work side, as I know at least the project is finished for the time being and the detour signs will come down. Valve boxes are one of the last items to be placed when construction is about finished. Man holes covers, water meter boxes and lids, sewer clean out caps, are all industry standards for stationary compactor repairs.

I watched from my office window as they repaved our parking lot. I found the process fascinating, first the jack hammers, then the levelers, next came the giant rollers, the curb and flower boxes, complete with electricity for Christmas lights, curb and gutter, asphalt trucks, compactors and finally the valve boxes and covers were installed and we were parking again the next day. It was done in a timely manner with beautiful results. Some projects are quick and others take forever.

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