One genre that everyone grew up with and loved (if not now, at least when they were younger) is pop. Pop music is made to be jumped to, and it makes you happy regardless of whether the song is singing about falling in love, or having your heart broken.

Most people either love pop songs, or they hate them. However, whether the song is good or bad doesn’t necessarily correspond with how popular it is: what really matters is how many people know it. Pop stands for popular, and the theory goes like this: The more people that know the song, the more people that dance to it in bars and nightclubs. Pop is also seen as a predominantly female genre, so guys just might have to take a back seat on this one.

Pop Music

1. Any song by Michael Jackson. Literally any.

Michael Jackson’s music was just made to be danced to. While it’s great to listen to new things, The King of Pop has endless hits that can be remixed for the Bellingham Pub scene. Favourites include Billie Jean, Beat It, Bad and Thriller. These remain dance floor anthems that will never have an expiry date.

2. Lady Gaga – Just Dance

Oh, who could forget Lady Gaga’s 2008 debut single? This hit graced dance floors everywhere and is still a popular song now. Gaga gave  bars and nightclubs a new message: it doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with or how drunk you are…just dance.

3. Justin Timberlake feat. Timbaland – SexyBack

Possibly one of the biggest comeback songs in this decade. SexyBack put Justin Timberlake back on the radar in 2006 as an artist, not just a member in a boy band. Nobody ever gets sick of dancing to this song, and proclaiming that they are “bringing sexy back”. Hell, I even have shorts with “sexy back” written on them.

4. Rihanna – Umbrella

Yes, this song is ridiculously overplayed. ‘Umbrella’ is the song that is on everyone’s list of “songs they like but won’t admit to it”. It’s a great song for girls to sing on a girl’s night out regardless of what year it is…but guys, sorry, this song may be one that you’re going to have to sit out.

5. Cascada – Evacuate the Dancefloor

Blurring the boundaries between dance and pop, Cascada’s 2009 hit describes exactly how every girl in a club feels when she starts to dance. With a catchy tune and a beat that is irresistible for anyone on the dance floor, Cascada created the ultimate dance-pop anthem.


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