Grief counseling is a form of therapy that allows a person to express grieves in a healthy way. It is considered to be safe and effective means to bring back the emotional stability of a person.

With this note, finding the right professional to conduct this program is imperative. Grief counseling is offered by psychologists, clergy, social workers, ministers, pastors, priests. These people take the role of a counselor that allows the client to relay his experience on the duration of the process. They made no specific goals and set no particular expectations but rather the desire to help a person to arrive on its normal emotional state so that he can function effectively.

There is no peculiar professional tasked to do the job. In fact many can do this if they are equipped with the knowledge of the basics like the charisma to solicit trust and establishing of friendly relationships. It is important for Grief Counselling Toronto facilitator to have these qualities for the success of doing the tasks. The main priority is to convey open-mindedness to permit the liberty of expression of emotions, thoughts, fears, and disappointments towards the loss of loved one or property. Usual feelings shown are anger, guilt, confusion and sadness. Changes on behaviors include disorganization of thoughts, difficulty on making decisions and alteration of sleeping habits.

Grief counseling aids on making the client realize the true situation which will lead to acceptance. Numerous activities will be simultaneously done like writing, drawing, listening to music, collage making and other similar activities that will help on the expression of hidden feelings.

Knowledge of therapeutic communication and paying close attention to client’s manners, showing the warmth of care, and participative listening are also vital skills counselor must possess. Also, these professionals should vigilantly practice the right use of non-verbal skills like the proper eye contact, facial expression, tone of voice and body language as these four categories produces great impact in the achievement of recovery.

This program is done on a secluded or isolated area where the need for privacy is met. It can be on a clinic, meeting room, church, hospital and many other places as long as it will not break the standards of privacy. It is also not limited to a person. Counseling can be worked through a couple, group of individuals, families and communities. Of course, the needs vary from one client to another and the approach must be distinct.

Various techniques works on different clients and these include meditation, role playing and rituals. Others also choose the pictorial memorial and journaling.


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