Have you ever been in the woods and someone says” Hey look at that Deer” and you look and don’t see it and people around you say “where” or “I don’t see it”, when the Deer is standing right there in plain sight. The people who don’t see it is because the natural camo of the animal is working. this helps the Deer stay alive every day from its predators such as Mountain lions, Bears and humans. So Mother Nature is the Queen of Camo and we are just trying to take her lead and mimic the things she does for our success. I can’t stress enough that your camo clothing is key to the success of your day.

So in the same mindset when you are heading into the field it is important to be able to blend into your environment as well as the deer or the bird can. This will insure that your trip will be a success and you will maximize your opportunities to view wildlife in its natural calm state. So choose your camo pattern carefully to blend into the environment you are entering. If you are headed into the snow cap mountains, then you would want a camo pattern with a white base to it. If you are headed into a heavily wooded forest type area then you would want a camo hat pattern that is more broken up with tree types of patterns and green colors, to effectively blend in. If you don’t choose the correct camo pattern to blend in then you may as well be wearing street cloths because that is what the animals are going to see, this guy’s sticking out like a sore thumb. In that situation you can’t hide even if you want too. Believe me, sometimes all you want to do is hide.

Research the area you are going to, research the available camo on the market and choose a pattern that best matches your terrain. Always be sure to wear the most comfortable camo clothing you like, because after a few hours in the woods, your greatest asset, could turn into your greatest liability for the day with uncomfortable clothing. I always have the correct type of clothing for the activity, water proof marsh camo for duck hunting, insulated waterproof jumpsuit for the high mountain hunts. Every condition and terrain demands the time and effort to plan out the right gear. If you look you will find the right type of camo clothing for your weather conditions and terrain. A face mask and hat are key to finish off your camo outfit. Believe it or not your face is one of the most important parts of the things to hide. This can be accomplished simply with many different types of face masks. This component too, must bear the same type of camo pattern as your other cloths.

To recap, simply remember to blend into your environment with the proper type of camo pattern to match the woods you are in. By doing this you will have a great time being one with the woods.


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