Odiferous shoes are the norm for summer – if they aren’t sandals. When it gets hot outside and our feet get their sweat on, bad things can happen if they are confined. If they are aired out, with odor causing bacteria not getting a chance to cause odor, the world is a much happier place!

2. Aesthetics

Sneakers that you can wear to the office or otherwise dress up have been tried. They have failed. Sandals, on the other hand, can be dressed up nicely, especially with the sumptuous designs for the season. Sneakers are not going to impress at that quarterly results presentation – a classy pair of sandals will.

3. Accessibility

On a hot summer day the last thing you want to do is fiddle with your shoes to get out of them. When you are walking next to that body of water and you feel the urge to dip your toes in, do you really want to spend five minutes fiddling with laces? Thirty seconds fiddling with straps, at the most, is the most time that you want to spend.

4. Infections

Fungal infections love the damp, moist conditions of a nice warm sneaker. They do not love the dry, hot conditions of your exposed toes. Save yourself and your family a world of grief and itchiness and hang up the vintage sneakers past Memorial Day.

5. Kids Love ‘Em

Your children are going to love sandals for the very same reasons that you do. This means less whining and more playing on those really hot days, when you need all the help you can get to minimize distress. A glass of lemonade and a pair of sandals will make your child very happy this summer season!

6. Less Junk In Your Trunk

When you are on your summer vacation, sandals are much more compact and easier to carry than a pair of sneakers. Two pairs of sandals will fit into the same luggage space as one pair of sneakers – important when you consider new baggage charges some airlines are lobbing at us innocent passengers!

7. Working Out Is Possible!

With the new sandal designs available, you can work out in your sandals just as hard as you did in your sneakers! Why would you want to bind your feet up in a nasty old sneaker if you can work it out just as well in a sandal? Not a hard choice to make.

8. Walking On Water

Walking in water, to be more precise. If you want to be extra careful at the beach, you can’t walk in water or swim with sneakers on – it just isn’t practical. You can do this with sandals – there are some, in fact, made precisely for this purpose!

9. Eco & Fair Trade Minded Footwear

You are much more likely to find eco-friendly styles, such as cork sandals, in a sandal than a sneaker. Sneakers almost always incorporate plastics which are a far cry from being eco-friendly; they are also more likely to be mass-produced than sandals, making them less of a candidate for being produced via fair trade. With sandals, it is easy for your feet to be green.

10. Being Fashionable

That’s right – where you wouldn’t be caught dead in sneakers, you can be caught with a camera wearing sandals. Sandals are a hot fashion trend and this will only continue as our summer heats up! Get with the program and banish those sneakers to the bottom of your gym bag, where they belong.

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