Autoresponder success.

Wow. Talk about music to the ears of EVERY online marketer in the world, huh?

The ability to weave info-tainment with product benefits is an astounding thing, if you ponder it hard enough. With a carefully crafted autoresponder series, you can do things that other forms of advertising simply cannot accommodate.

Case in point:

A Virtual Magic show visitor shows up on your website doorstep and is invited in via an opt-in mechanism. This is someone who had been window whopping and has now made a tremendous commitment to LEARN MORE about you and your wares. This person has put their hand in the air and has said “yes, by all means, let’s take this a step further, I’m all ears.”

The potential from this point forward should NEVER be slighted. This web owner now has the ability to write (or have written) a series of emails which, over time, serve to elevate his brand above all other of his competitors.

Ask someone in direct marketing what the impact of a SERIES of well-crafted sales letters will have on the bottom line of any online business and they will invariably laugh….knowing that a SERIES of direct sales letters WORKS.

There was no opinion there, it’s been proven.

Direct mail experts will tell you at the next cocktail party that ONE great sales letter has the ability to turn words into fortunes…ask Yanik Silver…one of the greatest copywriters of all time and he’ll echo the sentiment.

Therefore, if a single great letter has the ability to bring wealth, what’s the potential of a SERIES of them?

Each and every email within the autoresponder series has exactly that potential…of hitting a button that may just cause the Visa card to be lifted from the wallet of that virtual visitor.

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