The medieval era was undoubtedly very different from today. Still, the influence of this era can be witnessed on the people of today’s scenario also. The acceptance of the clothing of the medieval era is the perfect example in this context. Moreover, a number of individuals also have the interests in keeping the medieval accessories today.

A. Medieval Accessories – Swords and Armors

The medieval era was the period of the battlefields. Therefore, the swords and armors had a huge significance.


In today’s market, we find distinct types of yamato sword of the medieval era. These swords belonged to distinct communities of warriors. The swords of knights and samurai warriors can be taken as perfect examples. The knights were the famous warriors of Europe. Similarly, the Japanese samurai warriors were also famous for their combating styles.


On the other hand, distinct types of armors were used by the warriors for protection during that era. Helmets, body armors and shields were popular for saving different parts of body from the attacks of the swords, lances and bows. The helmets were the head protectors and varied depending upon the communities. For example, the helmets of the knights used to be in cylindrical shape. On the other hand, Roman helmets would come in round shape from above with artificial hair on the top and a zig-zag shape on the bottom. The Persian helmet had a cage to protect the face.
The body armors were used to cover the body. These armors were made up of solid material. Moreover, they had the designs according to the communities they belonged. The shields were the portable types of armors, which usually the warriors would keep in hand. But, some of the warriors would tie them on the front and the back of their body. These shields would come in distinct shapes.

B. Swords and Armors in Renaissance Festivals

These swords and armors are also the parts of the fashion trend in the present scenario. They are widely popular in the renaissance festivals. The renaissance festivals are the events organized for providing the glimpses of the medieval and renaissance eras. A number of men and women can be seen in these festivals wearing the medieval clothing and keeping the swords and armors.

C. Variety of Medieval Swords and Armors Available Today

A wide variety of these war accessories is available in the contemporary market. The swords of distinct warrior communities of the medieval era can be acquired today from various offline and online stores. Similarly, the armors of various communities may also be obtained. Some of the armors are also based on the Hollywood style. For example, the shields in the style of popular movie “300” are attracting a number of individuals in the present scenario.

D. Where to Buy

You can buy all these swords and armors from a plenty of stores, which sell the medieval and renaissance accessories. Moreover, the stalls of some of the war accessories can be seen in the renaissance festivals also. Today, a number of online stores are also active in offering these accessories. At these stores, you can get the swords and armors while sitting at home.


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