Never before has the environment been on the minds of consumers, like it is now. Color trends reports continue show the consumer’s desire to bring the outdoors in. Never before have the color trends, fashion houses, and retail showrooms together shown America’s growth in their concern for the environment, yet designers seem resistant to feel they have any culpability to the source of their inspirations.

Interior designers and redesigners have always used the elements found in nature to inspire their room design, yet a stunning disconnectedness is shown to that which inspires designers the most…the great dried flowers outdoors.

“It’s not easy.” says Jean S. Green, writer and environmentalist. “As a matter of fact,” she continues, “I don’t think it was meant to be. We are a consumer society. What that ultimately means is the ‘educated consumer’ become so picky that nothing is good enough. Things are ‘outdated’ and ‘need to be replaced.’ Out with the old and in with the new…throw it away and get a new one is the ‘entitlement of the consumer.’ This is why the remodelers and interior designers must educate the public. We best serve a public that can make intelligent decisions about the choices they make. By educating the consumer about earth friendly choices, we can help them achieve to get what they want, while bridging a balance toward our concern for nature.”

Green is right! Educating the public about environmentally friendly choices that are available, shows your customers that you truly care and that you’re aware! They will see how you are aware of issues affecting our Mother Earth. They will see how you value the earth (their mother too) and will feel that you will treat them with the same noble compassion. Actions always speak louder than words, but the pride of your commitment to the earth, will go far to teach others to do the same. The first of those to embrace the environmental changes of attitudes that will ultimately affect everyone positively, will be seen as positive leaders in their industry. There is an emerging presence of David versus Galioth. A voice of hope in the middle of widestread despair. A voice of generosity in the midst of greed. A voice of simplicity in the face of so much of everything. A flower amid BIG OIL. Hopeless…yet ripples can live to grow big waves. Ideas are always mightier than swords.

Gandhi once said, “Our earth has enough for our need, but not for our greed.”

The inspirational elements found in nature should be known with more intimacy than the actual pieces of furniture, fabric, and floor coverings that mimic them. If our interiors are increasingly trying to mimic the outside, we should look upon and understand the work of the Master before we go and try to interpret and recreate it!

Redesigners have the opportunity to show they value the room’s owners and resources in balance with the needs of the environment. Redesigners who show respect for the resources the room contains and makes the most of them will serve their clients well. When we automatically throw out most of the objects in the room, it demonstrates an utter disregard for the value of the original object of inspiration…nature…and the people who live there.


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