Jewelry has been around for ages. The idea behind jewelry is to decorate our bodies with something considered to be beautiful. Some of the most beautiful jewelry in the word includes gorgeous gemstones of all kinds. This jewelry is quite pricey, and the pricier it is the more desired it is often times. These gemstones are mined from the ground and then cut and polished to bring out its full beauty. They are divided into two categories, precious and semi-precious, with the precious stones being the rarest. Opal Almost anyone who buys gemstones prefers the rare over the beautiful, and the rarer the stone is, the more it is worth.

As gemstones are considered a hard asset, much like real estate or gold, they are often considered to be a wise investment over what are considered “soft” investments, such as stocks and bonds. However, there are some major differences between gemstones and other hard assets that make them not as wise in the investment arena as they may first appear. The most blaring difference is the lack of set value. Real estate and gold have a set market value at any given point in time. Therefore, when the investor is ready to sell, they know they should sell for this amount, and buyers expect to pay this amount. The value of gemstones can be much more difficult to predict. They are basically worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay.

The other major difference is that other hard assets can often be sold whenever the owner wishes to. There are always buyers available. They are fairly liquid if need be. Gemstones are a different story however. There may or may not be an interested buyer at any given point in time. If a buyer is available, it is likely they are willing to pay only the lowest price possible. Taking a stone to a jeweler may give an idea of what it is worth, but if not one is willing to pay that, the potential seller is out of luck.



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