So you joined the PrePaid Legal business opportunity. Congratulations, you have joined a good company. They have been in business for a long time with a proven track record. But, do you want to know HOW you should be building your Prepaid legal business if you want to survive in business this year?

My name is Carl and I’ve been a Prepaid legal business associate for a number of years and I know the ins and outs of their marketing system and product. It is important to study the prepaid legal plans that you will be selling. Notice I did not say sharing. I disagree with uplines that say you will sharing prepaid legal. You are in a business and will be making money. In order for that to happen you will have to sell memberships. Therefore you need to know what you are talking about when questioned by your prospects. Learn what the difference is between the Standard plan and the Expanded family plan. Also, it would be good to take the small business membership class and become certified to sell to small businesses. I have made good money selling memberships to small businesses and it’s not that hard to do. Once you have a good working knowledge of the products Prepaid Legal Services offers then you will feel comfortable talking to people. Next, you need to understand how the compensation plan works and how it will benefit you. Signing up for MAS is extremely important. It’s cheap but will allow you to have someone at the home office to follow up with your customers and make sure they are satisfied with their membership.

This should take you no time at all to familiarize yourself with the products and compensation plan. The next step is critical to your success! You MUST see yourself as an entrepreneur NOT a distributor or sales rep. I know from experience that Prepaid legal’s training will try to label you as an associate or distributor but you are an Deed of Gift first. You have paid money and signed up to be an ‘affiliate’ of Prepaid Legal with the right to sell their service to customers in the United States and Canada. In YOUR business you are using the Prepaid Legal opportunity as your vehicle to wealth creation. You could be marketing any other product but you chose to market prepaid legal plans and make a difference in your customers legal lives. This is how you must see yourself in your mind. One of the things you will see in the Network Marketing industry, if you haven’t already, is a lot of Hype. There are contests, big players flashing money around on sandy beaches, nice cars, beautiful homes and vacations. All of this is marketing! It is meant to entice the prospect to take the desired action. I hate to say this but network marketing company’s use “Hype” to make millions. They know people have a strong desire to get rich and will do and buy into just about anything if you promise them an easy road to riches.

When I was recruited into Prepaid legal I was a part of one of the largest teams in the southeast. In fact the person who recruited me was a multi-millionaire in prepaid. I had no better mentor to learn this business from. I fell in love with the ‘Slight Edge’ way of living. If you have never heard of the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson you need to read it. Jeff Olson built a huge organization in Prepaid Legal as well as other network marketing companies. I lived the Slight Edge in my business and still do. The Slight Edge philosophy teaches that it’s the little things you do everyday that builds momentum in your life and business and will over time create results. An example of slight edge living is handing out two company DVD’s, CD’s everyday or calling your prospects and doing 3-way calls with your uplines help everyday. By the end of one week you will have seven days of momentum behind you. Just think of talking to a minimum of 2 people a day, by the end of the week that is 14 people. But, if you stop, it is hard to get the momentum building again. This is why you need to keep pressing forward. Think about trying to lose weight. The doctor tells you to exercise 30 minutes a day. On your first day of exercise you feel like crap, but after your fifth or seventh day you begin to see a slow change in how you feel. This is the slight edge. The problem with most people is they stop. They stop exercising, they stop prospecting or marketing their businesses. This is why people fail. YOU cannot stop if you want success. Building a Prepaid Legal business is no different.


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