If you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time you know how hard it can sometimes be to simply get motivated to lose weight and more importantly to keep it off.

I’ve been there myself. For years I struggled with “trying to lose weight” and lack of motivation.

I knew I needed to lose weight. I wanted to lose weight but after a long day’s work I simply wanted to relax on the couch and order some take out food.

Getting some exercise or even having a healthy meal was just so hard to do. I’d then feel guilty and ashamed of myself for lacking any motivation or will-power.

I struggled with how to get motivated to lose weight until I discovered a few simple ways that got me off that couch, that stopped me from eating the wrong foods and got me to do the “simple things” I needed to do to lose weight and keep it from coming back.

1. I clearly identified “Why” I wanted to lose weight in the first place.

So, to follow in my foot steps ask yourself “Why do I want to lose weight?” Then write down the reasons “Why” you want to lose weight on a piece of paper or better yet in a journal. Go…do it now. And make this the first day that you absolutely start your intermittent fasting weight loss process.

1. Be very SPECIFIC about your reasons.

2. Talk about it in the “present tense” like it is already happening.

The more SPECIFIC you get, the more REAL it will be for YOU. Relate your reasons to your present life rather than in the distant future. What do you want NOW and exactly why do you want it?

You should be able to PICTURE your reasons “Why?” visually.

For example:

I’m losing weight so I can have a slimmer face, clear and glowing skin.

Versus: I want to lose weight so I can look better.

My husband or my boyfriend or my crush notice and complement me for how great I look.

Versus: I want people to notice and pay attention to me.

I’m more confident when I talk to my boss at work and I can see how he appreciates the great work I’m doing.

Versus: I can be more confident about myself

See what’s happening here?… The more SPECIFIC you’re getting to “Why?” you want to lose weight and the more your reasons relate to your present life, the more you get motivated to lose weight and actually making it happen RIGHT NOW.

2. Surround yourself with the right PEOPLE that keep you motivated to lose weight.

Being around the right people all the time is critical to getting and staying motivated to lose weight.

You know there’s a saying that goes like…. “tell me who your 5 closest friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”

Who you spend time with and surround yourself with makes a huge difference in the actions you take and the habits you form.

Just hang out with slim people long enough and you’ll POSITIVELY see the difference in yourself.

If your 5 best friends are slim and fit and you surround yourself with slim people, then there’s only 1 of 2 things that can happen.

1. They develop the habits to put on weight or 2. You get influenced to lose weight and become more “like them”.

You will subconsciously do the things you need to lose weight from just surrounding yourself with the right people.

Be around positive, reinforcing people. People that support and re-assure you. Stay away from negative people even if they are your current best friends and family!

Negativity can pull you down. But positive vibrations from positive people will lift you up and keep you on track and motivated to keep losing weight and staying healthy.

Start today by associating yourself with the right people online. Your Facebook friends, YouTube friends and even weight loss support groups and communities online will help you with how to get motivated to lose weight and stay motivated.


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