Many health and fitness magazines are available these days. Health and fitness is a huge industry. These days just about everyone is interested in feeling fitter and looking better. It is not just for fitness fanatics and weight lifters anymore. Even the elderly are encouraged to exercise and to train with weights.

It is good that people are interested in their health. It is good that there is so much information available. We are not all the same and a fitness routine that suits one person may not suit another. The problem with some of the information is that it encourages unrealistic expectations.

There is some excellent advice and training information available. There is a routine available for all tastes and fitness levels. There are plenty of different healthy eating plans. However, there is also plenty of dangerous misinformation. You need to be wary of extremes.

If you are looking for a quick fix in the form of a miracle pill or shake, then you are going to be ripped off, or even worse, you could end up doing irreparable damage to your health. There is no magic pill, powder, or anything that will make you lose weight overnight.

However if you follow a sensible but strict eating plan with a sensible exercise program you will begin to see the benefits within a week. The longer you follow your new healthy plan the more you will see the results. It may not look like much is happening at first but you will feel great and your posture will improve which will make you look even better and it will be a long term solution not just a quick fix that stops as soon as you stop dieting.

There are some excellent magazines available but be wary of unrealistic advertising. Read the information and use some common sense. Ask yourself if the results claimed are realistic and healthy. If they are, go for it. Get out and exercise.

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