If you are thinking of a cookie dough fundraiser it can work out to be the easiest fundraiser you ever had. If you have a large amount of people for support then you are half way there. First of all you have to get organized for this fundraising event. There are several ways you can have a cookie dough fundraiser – asking people to donate the cookie dough or buying it from a company.

If you ask people to donate the cookie dough for the fundraising website, make sure that everyone knows what kind of cookie dough they are expected to donate. For a cookie dough fundraiser you can presell the cookie dough so you know exactly how much you need. You might also set a date where people can come to purchase the cookie dough. If this is your plan for cookie dough fundraising make sure you have people to set up tables, handle the money, sell the cookie dough and help in cleaning up after it’s all over. When each person knows what to expect at this cookie dough fundraiser then everything should go smoothly.

When putting your in your cookie dough order make sure you choose enough different kinds that will keep people interested in buying. Some fund raising companies have two or three kinds of dough that you can choose from. Try and stay with the tried and true cookies that you know are popular such as chocolate chip and crispy squares. Of course nobody minds fancy cookie dough either so you can have dough in this line for your cookie dough fundraiser. It is best to make cookie dough that can be frozen as it tends to keep longer, but you need a way of keeping this cool while you’re waiting to sell it.

Cookie dough fundraising should be a big hit. How much easier could you have it than rolling out the dough without having to make it and just popping it in the oven? This should be a big hit with every one. There are many Internet sites where you can get the supplies you need for a cookie dough fundraiser. Most of these places offer a wide variety of gourmet cookie dough that will go over well with your cookie dough fundraiser, but it may be more expensive. It does make the planning for the fund raiser easier because you don’t have to do the packaging or freezing.

Dealing with a company that provides cookie dough can be an asset. It can answer a lot of the questions that will come to mind such as how much cookie dough will you need and how much profit will you make at a cookie dough fundraiser. You may be surprised to find that these fundraising events are very successful. Everyone loves cookies, but not many people have the talent or the time to make a lot of different cookies.


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