Your central heating system is already an incredibly efficient way to heat your home assuming it runs on gas. It is relatively cheap compared to oil or electricity and radiators provide a great way of heating even the largest home in an effective way. However, we are all looking to save money on our energy costs in any way we can so you need to be sure you are using your central heating Cv storing system in the most efficient way possible. The following points should help you to save a little on your bills and save on carbon emissions too.

Get a new boiler

If your current boiler is more than 15 years old, you should certainly think about replacing it. Boilers which are this old run very inefficiently compared to new ones. Most new systems conserve around 90% or more of the energy they produce, while older boilers only manage around 70%. Always choose the best boiler you can afford and expect to save money on your bill.

Turn your boiler off

You may not realise this, but your boiler pilot light uses up significant amounts of energy and the simple act of turning off your gas completely during summer months and when not in use in the winter can really reduce consumption. If possible use a meter or keep a reading so you can see exactly how much gas is being used. You will find that minuscule amounts are used in cooking compared to heating or keeping water hot. If your immersion heater is too expensive simply turn on your boiler once a day to heat water.

Consider other heating options

Use your central heating as a supplement to other sources of heat, if at all possible. These might include an open fire, a stove or even renewable heating such as heat pumps. This will mean that you can turn down your central heating and use it more efficiently.

Use your thermostat wisely

Your whole house thermostat controls the temperature at which your central heating will kick in. People often set this at high levels without realising they would be quite comfortable if it was set lower. Go for the lowest temperature you will be comfortable. Consider if it is normal to wear a tee-shirt in the winter and put on a jumper. Individual thermostats on each of your radiators are also a great idea – you will then be able to set each room to the temperature you need. Bedrooms and hallways can be set lower than the living room or bathroom.

Use your timer wisely too

Many people just leave their central heating on all day and night. They may adjust the temperature to get it to turn off and on. However using your timer to ensure the boiler only comes on when required can save you a fortune. Most people do not need heating on over night and many people are not home all day. So set your boiler to come on only when you are home.



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