While it may be true that a picture paints a thousand words, the message is lost when that picture crashes to the floor as its wall anchor gives way and abandons ship. Anyone who has cringed and covered their ears as this decorating disaster unfolded probably wonders if there is an easier, better route to beautiful and interesting wall space.

There is, and the solution is vinyl wall decals, which provide a clean, creative, and simple way to decorate living spaces. Whether the goal is a few personalized touches or a complete transformation, vinyl wall art is easily and quickly installed flat against the surface, making it a safe alternative to traditional wall decor. This is an important consideration when the room being decorated is a nursery, playroom or the bedroom of a young child. Even though a framed picture may not be placed above a crib or bed, its glass may fly if it falls and breaks, as can hardware, wood splinters and other sharp pieces of broken frame. Vinyl wall art eliminates those concerns, and unlike a picture or other hanging wall object, will not lose its grip and crash if hit by a plastic dinosaur going airborne across the playroom.

A wide variety of styles and themes are available, all precision cut and offering a matte vinyl finish that appears rendered by the careful brushstrokes of a professional painted walls. They can also be applied to other flat surfaces like mirrors, ceilings and floors to expand decorating possibilities even more. This makes vinyl wall decals a good resource for sparking the natural creator in all children, and is a decorating project they can participate in with proper supervision. Even if a little Picasso’s idea of art proves to temporarily be green space aliens and purple elephants, the low cost and easy removal of decals means that changing designs and themes can be done minus heavy investment and time-consuming work.

Older children and teens will also find vinyl wall art a fun and inspiring way to turn their bedrooms, study areas and “hang out” spaces into havens of self-expression, without nails, thumb tacks and paint-stealing adhesives causing trauma to the walls. Finally, vinyl wall decals are ideal for college kids living in dormitories that don’t allow fixtures and permanent adhesives to be applied to walls. With vinyl wall decals, students can liven up every inch of drab dorm wall space without incurring a single fine from their school’s housing department. Some decals can be removed and reapplied later, so a favorite artistic look does not have to be taken down and discarded after the semester ends, but can instead be used again the following year.

Explore the unlimited possibilities of decorating with vinyl wall art, and enjoy the creativity it inspires in kids of all ages. Chances are, their walls will say more than a picture ever could.


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