Does your child enjoy imitating the adults they see on television and movies? Maybe he just finished watching Toy Story and wants to dress up like Woody. Perhaps you will be attending a children’s costume party a few days from now. When your child is into the Wild West mode, it is time to dress him (or her) up like a rodeo star.

A typical Western costume is composed of boots, jeans, checkered shirt, bandana, gun in holster and tied to the belt, and of course, a NFL hat.

Kids cowboy hats are very popular and important accessories to achieve the cowboy look for your kid. The hat gives the costume some “oomph!”, especially when your child is attending a Western-themed party. It sets the difference between a regular costume to a staunch cowboy or cowgirl.

Various styles, sizes, and colors of kids cowboy hats are available, whether online or in your local stores. For girls, there are styles that come in pink. For those who love saving the day, there are hats that come with a star or badge to represent the sheriff or marshal.

When you are buying hats for your cowboy, you may want to consider the type of material from which it is made. Would you want it leather, felt, or straw? What would be the purpose of the hat? Do you see your child wearing it during hot summer months or to keep them dry when the drizzle starts falling? If it would be used for the party alone, most parents opt for woven straw hats with colored trims and star or badge attached. Woven straw hats are very much favored in make-believe and themed parties. They also usually cost for as little as a few dollars each.

For kids who are big fans of John Wayne, why not consider buying a genuine grown-up cowboy hat? If you do not have time to look around, try online shops like Rocky Top Leather (dot com), which offers high-quality kids cowboy hats at reasonable prices. For kids who are more edgy when it comes to style, the site has a wide selection of felt hats in colorful styles like Kids Felt Hat Baby Jane Pink for the girls and Woody Kids Red Felt Hat for the boys.

Once you have found the style and color of hat that perfectly matches your child’s personality, remember to take his head’s measurement. This would help you determine the size of hat that you would buy.

After you have bought the right cowboy hat for your little Woody, everything else will be easy.

Here are additional tips for the rest of your child’s wardrobe:

• The jeans need not be new. In fact, it is better if the pair of jeans are old, worn-out, or tattered since in the real world, cowboys and cowgirls normally get dirty because of their profession.

• If checkered shirt is unavailable, flannel or button-up shirts will do. Tie the bandana (large handkerchief) loosely around the shirt’s collar. If your child’s role is an outlaw, he can use the bandana as mouth covering.

• Boots are as necessary as kids’ cowboy hats. Kids moccasins and John Deere boots are great options for kids because they are made especially for them.

If your child wants to dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl, a simple accessory like buying a cowboy hat would make him feel like one.


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