Business and golf are synonymous. It is said that eight out of ten people that play golf are in a business decision making position and that playing golf with clients offers an 85% better chance of securing a business deal than other conventional methods of marketing or promoting your business. Sounds weird? Well, this is exactly the reason why a corporate should include golf in their marketing strategy. So here comes the role of corporate golf events.

Make no mistake; a corporate golf day is quite different from a normal golf day. A corporate golf day always includes company signage in the form of branded and personalized scorecards, which provides for a kind of personal touch dedicated to the business. A large number of players can even keep track of each other’s scores in a competition on a specially designed scoreboard akin to a professional golf tournament. Some of the attributes that make such an event effective are:

A feel of a professional tournament is created by incorporating staff to organize virtual roundtables the event on similar guidelines.
A lesson from a professional after a light breakfast, a full round of playing and a presentation ceremony help in securing an excellent introduction to golfers of all abilities.
These golf days can be hosted at various golf clubs available in a country. Courses offered should be selected according to the needs of the event. For example if you want to host a large event with many golfers, it is vitally important that the club you choose have the right level of experience in hosting events. It is less important for smaller golf days as these are generally easier to manage. It is also important to be clear with what you expect from the day. For example you may wish to have the event filmed or recorded by a professional photographer and it is important that you request this in advance.

Owing to an enormous range of variables in a corporate golf event, the cost can vary massively. The price can be as high as you are willing to pay if you are looking to host a top of the range corporate golf day. Conversely if you want a cheap and cheerful event then you can keep costs low by cutting down on the additional extras.

It is important to remember that although business golf is widely used nowadays as a method to mix business with pleasure, it does not actually translate into closing a significant number of business deals on the golf course. In spite of this, the savvy business person understands that mixing golf with business is a skillful method that can be effective in instilling confidence and respect with business associates or potential clients. It is also notable that corporate golf balls offer a great option in helping to brand a company.


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