ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common behavioural disorder that affects approximately 8 – 10% of school age children, with boys being around three times more likely to have it than girls. A child with difference between add adhd will have trouble focusing, and often act without thinking – they cant follow through simple tasks or instructions as they have difficulty paying attention or sitting still. Although this can be said of most children, an ADHD sufferer will carry this behaviour long term, and will stop them functioning properly at school, at home and with their friends.

Some typical symptoms of ADHD are:

  • Easily distracted
  • Forgetful of everyday activities
  • Quick to lose things
  • Unable to pay attention to details
  • Often make careless mistakes
  • Have difficulty following instructions and have listening problems
  • Fidgeting, squirming, unnecessary running and climbing
  • Unable to play quietly and always seem to be on the go
  • Difficulty in waiting in line or taking turns

There is no hard and fast test to diagnose ADHD, so your doctor will run through several tests and evaluations before a confirmed diagnosis is given. There are factors such as divorce, stress, depression or changes in schools that can lead to certain behavioural problems with it being linked to ADHD. So it is most important that any stress at home is taken into account before diagnosis. A physical examination will also be suggested so that any outlying physical factors can be discounted in diagnosis. ADHD can also be linked to other learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and although not actually highlighted as a learning disability, ADHD can cause problems at school with an inability of the child to concentrate and perform.

ADHD is not curable but with proper diagnosis, therapy, medication and parent education, the symptoms can be managed. It is important that you get the correct help from an early stage, as parenting a child with ADHD can be a challenge and a strain.


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