When any business has constant deliveries, there is usually a direct correlation with cardboard waste. Managing cardboard waste and hiring waste management service companies to come out and remove the waste from dumpsters of varying kinds can be very time consuming and difficult, especially when there is sudden cardboard fluctuations that arise on an ongoing basis. If you’re not careful, a business can end up hemorrhaging money in terms of waste management simply because dealing with the cardboard issue can take up a lot of time and space. However, when it is compacted it is much easier to handle and can help tremendously with saving space and time. For those that are not familiar with Cardboard self contained compactor service consider the following benefits:

• Cardboard Volume Reduction – Immediately you will notice that the volume reduction capabilities are enormous. Loose cardboard can easily be reduced by a factor of 5 to 1 on up to 10 to 1 or even higher so the space savings is considerable. By compacting cardboard it is much more manageable, easier to transport and much more efficient for everyone.

• Recycling – Typically if you are wanting to receive revenues for your cardboard you will need to bale it into very dense bales that will be much easier and much more efficient to haul to the recycling facility. And if you have a large volume of cardboard that is baled and can be picked up by the recycling in large quantities (meaning you have plenty of storage for the baled cardboard) you will be in an even better position to negotiate. In addition to being convenient cardboard compactors can help business save and create lots of money.

• Efficiency – The alternative to a cardboard compactor is having employees constantly cut up and flatten boxes manually. However the labor hours required for doing this can be easily offset when a cardboard compactor is doing the same job that it would take many employees to do (and even then the same level of volume reduction could never be achieved as it could be with a cardboard compactor). If cardboard accumulates quickly at your business it is a good idea to look into a compactor for both convenience and the cost savings.

Cardboard compactors come in a variety of types and sizes, and typically they have numerous options and accessories for addressing almost any need or circumstance. Of course a space will need to be designated for the cardboard compactor so it is a good idea to spend some time evaluating the best (or most strategical) location for operation which will be based on many factors such as your current waste flow.

Cardboard compactors can be purchased, leased or rented depending upon your preference, but of course the cost of leasing or renting is going to be higher overall than the cost of a straight purchase. Oftentimes the quickest and easiest path for customers is a rental, assuming they have good credit because with a rental or lease the credit requirements have become increasingly stringent. Rentals can be great for Tenant Landlord scenarios where it is easy for both the landlord and tenant to understand how much each tenant should be charged on a monthly or yearly basis (versus the debates or struggles over Capital expenditures.)


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