constant challenge for hotels and restaurants is to keep event facilities, such as convention halls and banquet suites, flexible enough to accommodate varying group sizes while meeting certain aesthetic standards. Color tinted, white etched or clear, a folding glass wall simply reflects interiors as it serves as an internal divider to split a large area into several smaller areas or close a section off so as not to diffuse a crowd. When folded partially, it creates a second point of entry, and when parked fully, a larger open space.

With more adaptability and at a discount cost compares to permanent walling, a folding glass wall is a means to have multi-function rooms. A vast lecture theater and compact classrooms can now occupy the same exact space, as can a lavish company board room and modest meeting rooms. Posh spa bathrooms and shower rooms can be separate and self-contained, whereas swimming pool areas and breezeways can easily switch between entrance free, open air hideaways and elegant solariums with any-weather sky view.

Operable folding wall consist of hinged panels held into place by special foldable brackets along a track system. As the panels are suspended from an upper track system, there is no need for a matching floor track but the track fixings can only bear so much weight. In contrast, weightier panels can rest easy on a floor track system, but the laws of gravity dictate that a matching upper track be mounted to guide the panels. Typically, panels fold like an accordion wall and can be parked all the way to one side but not off the track system.

On top of flexibility and attractiveness, a folding glass wall is sound-resistant. It can keep noise out so every one of the spaces it divides or encloses can have optimum privacy. Corrosion-resistant, self-lubricating anodized aluminum or stainless steel, at times with wood interior, is used for the tracks and panel frames, ball bearings and hinges. Glass may be decorative or grids. Choose from outswing, inswing, cornerless, French leaf, segmented radius; motorized or manual; with the screens folding away from the panels or sliding.

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