In recent years, there has been much discussion on the topic of “tropical chic” decorating. Tropical chic decorating is described as being a warm, comfortable, exotic theme typically using a touch of jungle themes, restful and relaxing colors and natural textures. In completing this look, decorators are adding elements such as artificial palm trees to the overall motif.

Many people choose to create a tropical theme in their own backyard garden center in Rockland county. If you already have a pool and are looking to decorate in “tropical chic,” artificial palm trees could help you achieve this goal in your own backyard. If you don’t have a pool there are many options to consider before building one or designing your backyard tropical layout.

When in the initial planning stages, many people include a landscape area into their backyard layout. However, what people don’t really consider is the amount of water these landscape areas tend to use. In areas such as Las Vegas watering restrictions are very tight. Artificial palm trees do not use any water and can be installed during any time of the year.

Other areas of the country are too cold to allow for even a palm tree to grow. In these cases, artificial palms can be a viable solution. Artificial palm trees look very realistic, do not require maintenance, watering, and don’t attract pests.

Plus, when you compare the price of taking a family of 5 on a vacation and then factor the costs of upgrading your own backyard, you may decide to just stay home this year and lay in the shade of your own artificial palm trees!


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