What makes an awesome experience? Is it the speed? Distance? Degree of difficulty? The rarity of the activity? For some, one of these things may be the definition of an experience. With all the new and wild action sports in the market, one would normally go for the most extreme of factors. Beyond every available thrill, there is a great experience that is void of speed and abrupt motions, that mostly correlates to an adrenalin rush. Hot air balloon flights are as easy going, relaxing and as laid back as an activity can get. Despite the normal speed factor that most outdoor adventures have, it is still a complete and absolute adventure, one that brings about serenity tranquility and total enjoyment. Here’s why napa ballon rides flights will give you an awesome experience.

1. Aerial excitement of the oldest form of flight. An unhurried way to re discover the thrill of flying. Rooting back from when man was dreaming of flight, when the whole concept evolved around a balloon and hot air, man discovered the thrill of flying. Relive how it felt as you gently soar over the horizon and amazing terra firma on a balloon flight. The best way for a scenic flight. Soar over spectacular vistas with a 720 degree vantage point of view. No mechanical noises interrupting your relaxing activity. No metal frames that limit your view. Gentle winds accommodate you as you soar in the sky and have an hour of your life to absorb the spectacular images you are to encounter.

2. It’s a great way to meet people from all over the world. Get to ride with enthusiasts from all over the globe and exchange culture on board the best activity to make new friends from all nations and walks of life. Its one of the best social activities and great for any occasion. Fund raisers, corporate events, birthdays. Balloon flights are a great way to attract people to any occasion. The act of flying in its simplest form can bring in more participants in a charity event, give maximum relaxation as company incentives and make the best of any birthday! The romantic scenery and tranquil flight is a great way to give that loved one the best surprise date in the most creative way ever.

3. Memorable experience. Hot air ballooning has a nostalgic feel as its beginnings date way back, the amazing thing about this activity is that it continually provides new memories to participants. The activity can be packaged with other land or air adventures. If you have a whole weekend to spare for a great adventure, you can book for additional activities that can be packaged with your hot air balloon flight. Take on the air in a relaxing flight then go wild with an ATV trek from your landing point. Not enough? Top off your adrenalin rush packed day with an hour of abseiling, rock climbing, surfing or a nature hike. Hot air ballooning is such a great activity as it does not entail much physical exertion and leaves you room for more adventurous activities.

4. Discover places that you will never see if travelled on terra firma. That neighbouring vineyard has never looked so good viewed from the ground as it does up on your balloon ride. Unveil a familiar neighbourhood or city from a whole new vantage point on the most amazing activity you will ever find in air. The breath-taking sights and the amazing flight will be something that you will be raving about for the next few days.

5. The absolute retreat, leave your troubles to the wind. Let the atmosphere sooth all your tensions, lift all that week long stress and provide you with refreshing scenery topped off with a sparkling champagne toast. Life’s simple joy and pleasures cannot be presented best than a hot air balloon ride.


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