When you own a property, there are a number of home improvement and maintenance services that it will be handy to have contact information for. There may even be urgent requirements for specific services, so having the contact information handy will be crucial.

Online business directories provide a useful service in their own, by allowing homeowners and other users to search for the businesses they need by location, read ratings and reviews and have access to their contact information. Here are 10 service-led businesses that homeowners may need to look for.

1. Builders – If homeowners decide they want to build an extension, separate two adjoining rooms, convert a room, add a conservatory or have any building work repaired, this type of service-led company will be invaluable to know.

2. Gardeners – The outside of a property is just as important when it comes to enjoying the home. Whether they wish to keep it maintained to a good standard or require a complete makeover, a gardening firm will help homeowners to get more fulfilment from their property.

3. Plumber Currens Hill– From boiler installations to emergency repair work for washing machines, plumbing services are vital for every home. Having a list of numbers of plumbers you can trust will be extremely handy.

4. Window cleaners – In order to keep a property looking its best, its exterior to be looked after. One way to do this is through a local window cleaner.

5. Estate agents – Should the homeowner decide it’s time to sell the property, finding the contact information of local estate agents who can help them put their house or flat on the market could be important. They may even wish to find estate agents in order to help them find a new home.

6. Solicitors – As well as an estate agent, homeowners may wish to identify a local solicitor to help them with the legal aspects of buying and selling property. Residential conveyancing experts could help the process of moving become as smooth as possible.

7. Locksmiths – Should the property owner wish to have the locks changed, they’ll need the contact information of a local locksmith. This may be an urgent situation, so an online directory could be the easiest and quickest way of sourcing a list of businesses nearby.

8. Electricians – Homes involve lots of electrical products and wiring, and unless they have the expertise and confidence to handle any problems that arise, it’s more likely that they will require the specialist skills and experience of a professional.

9. Window manufacturers – If the property does not yet have double glazing, the homeowner may want to use the online directory to find a local firm of specialists to install new windows in their property. Doing so may be expensive initially, but the reduced heating bills may help make it a cost-effective solution and a good decision for the home.

10. Painter and decorators – While painting and decorating is often seen as a DIY task, for larger or more professional jobs, it may be necessary for homeowners to bring in the experts to help.


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